• Lisa Champagne

Social Media Marketing - #1 most successful plan

Over 3 billion people use social media, which makes it the perfect tool to market your company. The only problem is social media is over saturated with companies trying to become the next big thing, with little success. So, how can your company triumph?

The answer is simple, the #1 way to find success on social media is to increase your brand’s awareness.

I know, it’s not as exciting as you thought. But let’s be honest, do you think Jeff Bezos hit a button and became a billionaire? No, of course not. He focused on brand awareness before profit and his success is evident by my daily visits from the Amazon delivery man. Hey, Bob!

So how do you create brand awareness?

First, know who your ideal customer is. Then create effective pages and accounts, with links, to your products targeting this customer.

· Assemble a social media marketing strategy. What social media platforms should you use? What age are you targeting?

· Post engaging content, with applicable tags. #mycompanyiscool

· Create contests — everyone loves free gifts!

· Connect with your customers creating a long-term consumer.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, but if you work hard on building your brand’s awareness, you’re on your way to becoming the next Amazon— or whatever your goal is.



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