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CREATIVE ideas for unblocking your creativity. Crap, what do I write now?

Updated: Jul 25

It's the best feeling in the world when your inspiration, work ethic, and artistic abilities perfectly align into pages and pages of amazing content. But let's be honest, the universe rarely gives creative people the perfect margarita mix to fill our blenders. The World is always stingy on tequila.

Even as I type this post, I am surrounded by my kids who keep talking to me about pizza, the solar system and Roblox. There went that idea....

So what can you do if you want to write, but are stuck like a kid's art project when you don't supervise the glue?

Well that's easy, change something up and get your mind and body moving. I've compiled a list of the best tricks to gain inspiration and write — when all you want to do is drink margaritas.

  1. MAKE A LIST of your best attributes — Most cases of writers block stems from self doubt; which happens to everyone on the planet, unless you're the star of America Psycho. So, combat your inner critic by making a list of why you're a wonderful writer/person. Don't be shy, no one will see it.

  2. TAKE A WALK This is one of the best ways to get your juices flowing. The walk doesn't have to be long, but you do need to be present in your environment and not jabbing away on your phone. Pay attention to your surroundings and the people you see. You may stumble across a new character for your project.

  3. EXERCISE Whether it's running, lifting weighs or dancing do something that gets your body moving. This helps with mental clarity and helps diminish that pesky left side of our brains. Hate to exercise? Maybe just lay on the floor and wiggle your legs. Do something to get your blood flowing and your sabotaging mind to stop killing your creativity.

  4. READ something inspiringThere's a million fabulous writers out there and when I'm stuck with what to write, I pick up a book and begin to read. Within one chapter I feel my urge to create reappear and I'm at it again. Now Judy, I don't mean you steal the ideas you're reading — this is only meant to inspire you to write your own thing.

  5. WRITE down every idea that comes to your mind This will generate a couple of stinkers, but a few roses may bloom. I typically have 20 bad ideas for every good, but the bad ideas at least entertain me and the good ideas help me remember I'm not broken and I can actually be creative.

  6. PRETEND to be a character your writing — Don't worry no one needs to know you pretended to be a French prostitute from your story, but you may discover something you didn't think of before. Oui, fais le.

  7. Listen to MUSIC — Find what inspires you and use it to do just that. I have playlists created on Apple Music with romance, suspense, action and dramatic songs categorized. I also love to listen to soundtracks from movies in the genre I'm writing in. like Pride and Prejudice for romance. I just can't get enough of Mr. Darcy!

  8. Listen to Chakra music — Chakra music is believed to date back to early Greece and was used to treat mental disorders and in my opinion most writers are the epitome of mental. Don't take offense, I include myself and take pride in it.

  9. CHANGE your location — I write all over my house in an attempt to escape my children and I've realized that new ideas form in new rooms. Tired of your house? Well, go outside. I know most authors abhor the sun, but you can sit in the shade, Bob. Sometimes I even use my location to inspire my room descriptions, which can help me get the ball rolling.

  10. Write out of sequence. I typically hate writing scenes that are needed to connect major plots together, and I find myself having writer's block when I work on them. Who hates a recap? I do, I do! So why not skip them and move on to something else? If a scene or moment is leaving you uninspired simply move on and come back later.

The major issue of writers block is losing faith in yourself or feeling a lack of creativity in your day to day life, so change it. Get out, exercise, pretend, get inspired and write. Do whatever makes you happy and this will most defiantly help you find your voice again. Here's to all the wonderful, creative, mental cases AKA writers.



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