Hello! Thank you for taking to time to check me out, figuratively of course. 

I started my career creating stories fifteen years ago at the Groundlings in Los Angeles, where I learned how to craft sketches and vibrant characters that sing — sometimes literally. With a love for spinning tales, I began working in TV. I developed stories from the ground up for networks such as: Viacom, NBC Universal, Hulu, Lifetime and E-one. I now am a published fiction author, and spin stories from the comfort of my back porch with a glass of wine. :) I also freelance as a developmental editor for other authors.


I had been debating writing a book for a couple of years, but with two toddlers at home and a full-time job it was just a pipe dream. Then crisis after crisis began to change my life and career path forever. I started connecting to what I really wanted in life, to my purpose, which happily turned out to be writing. Money is essential, but happiness in your life and career is everything. I love living in the worlds and with the characters I create every day. If you let it, life will eventually turn out the way it’s supposed to.  


Want to make your book into a page turner? I also freelance as a developmental editor. Check me out on Fiverr and Reedsy. https://www.fiverr.com/lisajchampagne?up_rollout=true


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