New Celestial

A new angel has arrived, and Earth will never be the same.

Lili is a Mexican American teen who is unlike the other Celestials her age; she can see the future, talk to the dead, and manipulate Earth's energy. Making her more powerful than any Celestial before her.

Before she heads to school, Lili has a vision of a hidden evil that is determined to turn her dark, and a love that may end the world, taking her with it. With fear propelling her, she's resolute to end the darkness from her dream and to avoid the boy from her vision, Easton, who she’s inexplicitly drawn to.

There are library break-ins, dangerous adventures, romance, and celestial fights that ultimately leads to a hair-raising discovery of more than Lili bargained for...


Lili and Easton have an intense connection they can’t explain, the only problem is they’re destined to destroy each other. 

"New Celestial" is an absorbing and exciting story full of intriguing plot twists. Lisa Champagne takes the reader on Lili’s emotional journey of loss, love and self-discovery. This book is fast-paced, engaging, and enlightening, written in contemporary time with modern characters in a fun juxtaposition with ancient Celestials.

 - The Daily Journal


"It was such a blast to read New Celestial. I absolutely fell head-first into the world created and was immediately sucked into the action of the world that Lili finds herself in. Lili is fun, feisty and engaging to read about and sure to be relatable for teenage readers."  


 - Blair Underwood

The Washington Post


The school year is over, and Lili just barely survived. She’s shaken by the loss of her loved ones and desperately trying to figure out her destiny; all while spending the summer working for Adem, the dark Celestial responsible for her misery. She’s meant to be the World’s new God, but she’s unsure of how to rule Earth. There’s one thing she is sure of; she will destroy the darkness and return what it took from her. But if she's not careful her plans may all come crumbling down.

Goddess Ascending



This is the final book of the series and the stakes for Lili are higher than ever. Lili, Easton, and Nora join forces to protect a new power on Earth, and finally put an end to the Darkness’ corruption. But things aren’t as they seem, and the group soon becomes lost in the battle. Only one side can claim victory, in this captivating ending that will surely have everyone on the edge of their seats.


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